How to Share Your Vision Pro Experience in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Jeffrey Berthiaume
3 min readFeb 29, 2024

Unlock Mixed Reality collaboration and bring your Vision Pro’s virtual view into your team’s digital workspace.

The Apple Vision Pro has set a new benchmark for mixed reality experiences, merging the digital and physical worlds in ways previously unimaginable. This cutting-edge device not only captivates with its stunning visual fidelity and intuitive interactions but also opens up a realm of possibilities for work and play. Imagine being able to walk through a project’s blueprint as if it were already built, or collaborating with colleagues in a virtual space that feels as real as being in the office.

However, as groundbreaking as experiencing the Vision Pro is, there’s a natural desire to share this new reality with others, especially in a professional setting. Whether it’s for a creative brainstorming session, a detailed project review, or just sharing a breathtaking virtual environment, the ability to bring others into your Vision Pro view can enhance collaboration and bring a new dimension to remote meetings.

In an effort to bridge this gap, a teammate and I started looking for a method to share the immersive experience of the Vision Pro with our colleagues. Our goal was to make our virtual environment accessible to those who aren’t physically wearing the headset. (We originally planned on doing this with a shared Microsoft Teams meeting, but the same should work for Zoom, Google Meet, or Bluejeans.)

After several trials, we devised a technique that not only achieves this goal but does so with surprising simplicity and effectiveness. Here’s how you can share your Vision Pro experience with your team, regardless of the virtual meeting platform you use:

Shared Virtual Experiences

Originally, my teammate wore his Vision Pro and initiated a FaceTime call to me, which I accepted on my laptop. We both muted our microphones to avoid any feedback or echo. Then we both entered the Teams meeting. I shared the screen from my computer, specifically switching to the desktop that was broadcasting the video…



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